Adrienne Anbinder with FlowerStory collection of photography book.


Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do.

Adrienne Anbinder grew up in New York where she attended the School of Visual Arts and The Art Students League. Adrienne, a Brooklyn native, is inspired by the natural world and the often-overlooked secrets that nature holds. Adrienne is drawn to all of nature’s mysteries and has always felt a deep connection to the sacred power of plants and the transformative power of being in nature. She is deeply inspired by the oversized flowers of Georgia O’Keeffe and the still life paintings of the Dutch Masters.

Six years ago, Adrienne moved to Serenbe, a progressive community deeply connected to the countryside on the edge of Atlanta. That move added to Adrienne’s passion for capturing spirituality and sensuality in her still-life photographs. She works in mixed media art on canvas as well as digital photography. Adrienne often focuses on naturally-occurring mandalas, and many of her January Moon signature photographs on canvas are as large as 3’ x 3’. Adrienne’s photographs can be custom ordered to size. Her unique images are available as archival prints using the finest archival pigment inks, or they can be printed on museum-quality canvas. In addition, Adrienne will be happy to custom frame any of these photographs. For more information and pricing, please contact Adrienne at

Together with her partner and husband, Barry, she runs an Atlanta boutique ad agency – Creative Consultants, Inc., Advertising From The Heart – where Adrienne is Co-Creative Director/Art Director.

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FlowerStory Collection

Photograph of a spotted lily flower by Adrienne Anbinder

My new collection, FlowerStory, is a limited edition love letter to my floral friends. As a flower portrait photographer and writer, It chronicles my deep connection to nature, and my enduring love affair with flowers.

FlowerStory is fine art for the finest coffee-table. Each page of FlowerStory is printed on archival fine art paper, with imported archival ink. This deluxe collection is covered in Japanese silk, and presented in a handmade, silken box. It has three additional 11 x 13 signed prints – ready to frame – nestled in the cover.

I am often asked if my photographs are paintings. I digitally “paint” them to resemble the old-world style paintings I grew up with. This technique adds to the evocative nature of my photography.

FlowerStory has 10 stories that accompany stunning photographs of 53 flowers. Most floral coffee-table books have information about the flowers that are featured. My collection, however, is a personal recounting of how flowers have impacted my life, and transformed me.

Please contact me for more information on how to purchase one of these limited edition opulent books. Prints from the collection are also available.


I have learned many valuable lessons from my floral friends. This lily was a blooming, fancy-pink flower a week ago. Stunning, on the table in Gainey Hall, in Chattahoochee Hills Georgia, where my art was recently exhibited, it had that look-at-me blush. Now, after nearly a week, the hot pink bloom has faded and withered as it began its descent. At this point, most people would have thrown the flower in the trash. I almost did. But it spoke to me. Intrigued, I set up a photo shoot just as I would for a freshly-picked bouquet. The soft light came from a window and nestled on the ephemeral lily which lay on the funeral-black fabric I had set up. What I saw was, to me, magic. In its final stages, this Stargazer lily glowed. Because time had transformed its petals, making it translucent and papery, it now reflected shades of amber and gold with a hint of lavender. It reminded me of my mother’s old hands, the veins peeking through her crepe-paper skin. The stamen of the lily remained a riot of orange - a brazen contrast to the muted tones of the waning flower. Like this lily, we all go through transformations, and age sometimes defines us. But what if, like this lily, there is more to the story that we may have overlooked? Overlooked, because we simply didn’t realize that there could be more.


We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
Anais Nin


Fuji Crystal HD print on shiny acrylic
36 x 36
(Other sizes available upon request.)

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